Sound as bath, journey, massage, meditation

1.   My approach

2.   FAQs

Q — What is the set-up of a typical session? 
A session lasts for  90 minutes. It begins with a short guided meditation based on vipassana (breath awareness) techniques, and segues into a half-hour chant segment that is improvised live. After the meditation, I facilitate a concluding conversation with participants to collectively process observations and insights.

I offer sessions both remotely (over Zoom) and in person. Based on feedback from over 100 private sessions, my remote sessions are just as impactful and effective as the in-person ones. While the medium of reception is important, I find that the listener’s capacity and willingness for receptivity is more critical in determining the outcome of the session. I reflect more on this matter here.

Please note that sessions are audio-recorded for documentation purposes.

Q — What is your current availability and pricing for private sessions?
I am currently taking bookings for the last quarter of 2023. To book your session please complete the following steps:

  1. Send me a message to set a schedule.
  2. Pay the session fee via Gcash (09955467199) or PayPal here. Session fees are priced on a sliding scale:
  • For individuals and groups of two: US$ 50 - 100
  • For groups of three or more:  US$ 100 - 150

For remote sessions: I will confirm the schedule and send you a Zoom link after you have paid the session fee. This is to prevent no-shows. 

For onsite sessions: I will confirm the schedule once we have agreed (verbally or in writing) on your chosen session fee amount. I accept payments after the session is concluded. Please note that there are additional fees for transportation and equipment/venue rental, where applicable. 

All 90-minute live sessions are inclusive of a pre-session consult and an .mp3 recording.

Q — What is your policy for cancellations and rescheduling?
  • If you wish to reschedule your session, contact me at least 24 hours before your original slot. You are entitled to one (1) reschedule. 
  • Once the session starts, I will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes only for latecomers
  • The session fee will not be refunded for late cancellations and no-shows.

Q — How do I prepare for a Zoom session?
The optimal set-up for a sound journey on Zoom is a quiet, private room with a steady internet connection where you can lie down, sit, and/or move comfortably with your eyes closed for the duration of the 90 minutes. Choose whether you would like to use speakers or headphones, and set these up beforehand.

Q — What is your background?
My practice is informed by over thirty years of vocal performance and exploration (solo/choral singing, sound art) and seven years of training experiences in somatic, meditative, and contemplative traditions (yoga, Ignatian spirituality, vipassana, ayahuasca).  My professional academic training as a PhD in humanities/social sciences and my study of depth psychology underpin my effort to make sense of mystical experiences within an ethnographic, decolonial, and phenomenological framework.