Sessions and workshops: sound journeys and vocal meditation

1.   My approach

2.   FAQs

Q — How long is a session and what does it feel like? How many people can be in a session?
A session lasts about 90 minutes, beginning with a 10-minute guided breathwork and body scan meditation, similar to instructions given in the vipassana tradition. The subsequent, sound-based section typically lasts for 30-40 minutes. After which, participants are guided back to ‘ordinary’ consciousness with another guided meditation. I facilitate a collective re-grounding conversation with participants, as we process our observations and insights from the session together. 

Q — How did you come up with this? What is your background?
I have been singing to myself as a form of private self-inquiry and self-comfort ever since I was a kid. Some of my earliest singing memories are of humming and putting myself into a trance state. This co-existed with a life in song shared with other musicians in many different settings of performance and community in the Philippines: choral concerts and rehearsals, gatherings with family and friends, jams and gigs, and regularly singing for others during moments of collective grief and celebration. Sound baths and vocal meditation are my way of plumbing this paradox of singing/listening as something both private and communal.

Since 2015 I have explored different ways of teaching and facilitating this practice as a group meditation format, within various artistic, educational, commercial, leisure, and informal social contexts: from formal studio classes to extemporaneous ecstatic jams, and private sessions with individuals and groups. I have also publicly presented on and demonstrated aspects of vocal meditation in research panels and workshops, contemporary art fora, and undergraduate guest lectures for students of social work and psychology.  My personal practice draws from training experiences in yoga, vipassana meditation, Christian contemplative chants, and Inner Dance.

Q — What is your current availability and pricing for classes, workshops, or private sessions?

From March 2022 I am available for 90-minute live sessions on Zoom, on Saturdays between 08:00-10:00 and 16:00-18:00 (GMT +8). I am also available for in-person sessions in Manila by appointment. Please contact me to arrange this.

one-on-one sessions

A 90-minute session is PHP 2500 / USD 48, inclusive of an optional 10-minute tarot reading. There is an option for a four-session package for PHP 8000 / USD 153 (PHP 2000 / USD 38 per session).

To book a session, please send me a message at least one week in advance. Once we have agreed on a schedule, please forward your payment to  to confirm the booking. You will receive an  .mp3 recording after the session.

GROUP sessions

90-minute group sessions for 3-8 pax are PHP 5000 / USD 95.  If you’re interested in booking a session for your group, please send me a message at least one week before your preferred date so we can plan the agenda for the session. I am willing to co-design the session according to specific intentions, themes, or activities (e.g. journaling, group coaching, visualization), to create a more participatory workshop format tailored to your group or organization’s objectives.

Once we have agreed on a schedule, please forward your payment to to confirm the booking. Participants will receive an  .mp3 recording of the session.