Hello. I’m Anjeline, a vocal/sound artist, researcher, and meditation teacher from Manila, Philippines. Through my practice I create and study emergent spaces of sound, healing, and cultural change.

My work draws from different wellsprings. From my family and home culture I developed a lifelong fascination with singing as an activity that allows you to be immersed within yourself yet totally with others. As a humanities scholar who studied philosophy and branched out into cultural geography and inter-Asian cultural studies, I am devoted to understanding the self in relation to the other, especially through systemic and lived aspects of spatial experience. The projects I sustain with collaborators in local and transnational communities of sound art and wellness feed my purpose of creating generative spaces of listening. Finally, my contemplative practice strengthens my personal aspiration to help people listen better to life within and beyond themselves.

Thank you for visiting! I hope to hear from you soon.

Academic CV here.
Artist portfolio here.

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