Sessions and workshops: sound journeys and vocal meditation

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A ‘sound journey’ or ‘sound bath’ is a general term that refers to a wide range of contemporary sound-based meditations for purposes of relaxation, release, and healing. In seated or supine positions, participants listen to waves or fields of sound. The instruments, techniques, and frequencies used in a sound bath vary greatly according to the practitioner’s modality, philosophy, and personal approach. In addition, each session differs based on the number, composition, and mood of the participants themselves. Each session is therefore completely unique.

In the sound-based sessions I currently offer, I rely on live intuitive chants which I spontaneously and progressively layer with a loop station. I  combine the clarity of guided meditation with the expansiveness of active listening to create an immersive bubble of tones for listeners.  As with many other kinds of creatively repetitive activities, my sessions typically induce alpha and theta states of consciousness. Participants often report sensorial experiences of mental and physical relaxation, emotional release, and free-flow visualization.

I send out a bi-monthly newsletter as a field journal, reflecting on my thoughts and experiences as a facilitator of sound journeys.


Vocal meditation is a more participatory format of awareness practice and improvised expression. Each session has two parts: the first is a guided meditation of simple pranayama (breathing) exercises which closely sensitizes participants to the sensation, rhythm, and flow of their breath and vocal tone. The second part is a group-led spontaneous and intuitive chant  (sometimes accompanied by instruments). Either way, participants interact with inner and outer dimensions of voiced sound. Unlike sound baths, vocal meditations enjoin participants to spontaneously chant with me, and is thus a more active form of sound-based practice.

The goal of each session is to gently guide participants to an experience of their voices underneath fixed ideas of what is and isn’t ‘music’, ‘art’, or ‘meditation’. In so doing it offers a space of listening that is both intimate and expansive, mindful and playful.

If you’d like to know more, send me a message.

Here’s some feedback from past sound bath and vocal meditation sessions:

Anjeline’s sound bath was deeply relaxing, immersive, and creative. It felt like a brain massage, a wave of energy flowing in the universe, and a mysterious journey deep into the soul. - M, Hong Kong

Some weeks ago, I was recommended to try out Anjeline’s sound bath and went in not knowing what to expect. (It was my first time and I had never even heard of a sound bath before that.) I went in mentally exhausted because of work anxiety, and came out refreshed and clear-minded. Before starting, Anjeline explained the process, which was assuring. The experience itself was not only relaxing but surprisingly visceral and deeply sensorial. I imagine every individual is differently attuned to how they experience sensations, so I can only describe my personal experience even if it might sound weird. I felt some weight lifting off my shoulders and my back through the process. I also got this deja vu, the same sensation I used to get when eating thunder tea rice with basil soup years ago, which I can only describe as mental fog being drawn out through the nasal passage. I would certainly go back again as the fog and exhaustion are accumulating, and the sound bath is a uniquely relaxing experience which draws them out in ways that 'physical' therapy like acupuncture and massaging don’t work for me. - N, Hong Kong

I’ve found that vocal meditation is such a beautiful way to explore what really needs to be expressed - be it through the breath, through your voice, through an instrument. There are worlds inside of each of us. At some point, you have to realize that whatever it is inside of you, it deserves to be expressed because it's beautiful. Plain and simple. ~ D, Philippines/US

Vocal meditation is wonderful for people who want to find inner authenticity. No expertise or experience in singing is needed. - S, Philippines

Glad to have hosted another successful vocal meditation led by Anjeline de Dios. It has been a special evening with the beautiful voices free flowing in our space. Anjeline will continue to lead and inspire us in self-discovery with her special talent. - Christina Shiu, The Singing Bowl Gallery, Singapore