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Q — What do you read and what happens in a reading?

A reading is a live 90-minute consultation between the querent (you) and the reader (me) on Zoom. I lay out possible life themes and changes by interpreting the tarot (the 78-card system of arcana which originated in 15th-century Italy) and astrology (the pattern analysis of cosmic symbols determined by one’s birth data; I work with humanistic and Jungian approaches). I draw tarot cards in response to the questions and stories you bring to the table, weaving in my interpretation of your natal chart and transits. We then use that as a basis to explore issues and options on your mind from a different, and hopefully helpful, angle.

Q — How do I prepare for a reading? 
Feel free to email me the things you’d like to talk about in our session—any pressing goals, themes, questions, or concerns (and back stories to any of those). It can be as brief or detailed as you like. 

In general, it’s much better to ask open-ended ‘how’-type advice questions that expand your perspective on a matter (e.g. if you’re trying to choose between two options, or figure out a next step). I find that readings are most useful when they refresh your faith in your own ongoing process rather than give hard, specific predictions of ‘when’ / ‘who’ / ‘why’. For instance, what is the best way to create stuff I will be proud of seems like a more fruitful question than when will I make it big.

Keep in mind that some messages delivered during the reading won’t make sense until later. While you’re encouraged to take notes during the session, there will be a recording so you can just flow in the conversation without worrying about capturing everything. While we will pick up clues in the form of general time-frames, it’s more important for me to get you to a clearer place of honesty about yourself and how you see your situation, in the present. 

Q — How do I book and pay for a reading?
Individual session fees are priced on a sliding scale between US$ 60-80.  The fee is inclusive of an .mp4 video recording of the session, and post-session tarot spread documentation. 

To book your slot:
1. Choose a time slot here.
2.  Pay the session fee via PayPal.

Your schedule is confirmed only when you have paid for your slot.

Once that’s done, please email me the following information at least 3 weekdays before your schedule:
  •     your birth information (date, time, location)
  •     your preferred date & time for the reading, and
  •    any questions or themes you’d like to cover.