In my former job as a university lecturer, I used to tell my students that it's less important to come up with clear answers about reality than it is to arrive at better questions. It's questions, not answers, that keep our minds flexible and our hearts open. It's posing questions, not imposing answers, that leads us to the fruitful unknown—to things that we don't even know that we don't know. As we practice listening more skillfully to our inner-outer lives, asking better questions helps us uncover new angles and notice hidden opportunities.

My goal with readings is similar. Though my querents may come for a reading to verbalize a deeply intimate experience of being at a crossroads, hoping perhaps for a definitive answer to certain issues (e.g. career, relationships, the future), they learn that there is something more uncanny and vital on the table: a place of self-awareness distinct from their ordinary way of relating to themselves, which allows them to tap into their own motivations, hunches, and feelings in a fresh way. From this position they learn that the answers are already there inside them, waiting to be acknowledged and lived into.

Readings offer an intentional way to identify these inner resources through the archetypal symbols encoded in tarot and astrology. As your reader, I offer my skill in interpreting these symbols as a way to clarify what's going on in your world, mind, and heart. I act as a resonating space for you to hear yourself differently: with honesty, humor, and appreciation.

Together, we invite these myths and figures to come out in ways that are seemingly random (the shuffle of a deck) and arbitrary (the planetary configurations at the moment of your birth). We listen to the meaningful messages of those symbolic patterns in the moment of your questioning—and hopefully gain a measure of clarity and healing that wasn’t there before.

Here’s some feedback from past querents:

I felt so nourished after our reading. I never thanked you, as profusely as I should have. So thank you. You nourished me, and my feelings of potential. - R, England

I’ve been processing your reading the past month. I just wanted to say thanks for triggering (I don't mean this in the negative psychological sense, but maybe more like the gunshot at the start of the race) this self-reflection and self-awareness! - A, Philippines

Ahhhhh, what a precious gift that conversation and reading was to me. I’ve come back to it many times in the past year as a source of liberation. - K, Japan

i just wanted to say thank you again for the reading today, it was wonderful and revelatory and i felt very bathed & reformatted in your compassion and empathy. - K, Singapore

Anjeline is one of the most intuitive, accurate and trustworthy readers I know in the industry. - Sarah Salcedo-Rubin, Reiki Master-Teacher, Philippines